The 3-Series 

The Anatomy Trains Structural Bodywork 3-series is an innovative and effective approach to identifying and treating pain, discomfort and limited movement arising from structural misalignments in the body.

Each of the three sessions is targeted upon a specific region of the body and misalignments in any of these regions can have an impact upon the whole body. All sessions are personalised to take account of your situation and your needs and goals from the therapy. In some cases, a further treatment plan will be recommended in order to provided targeted therapy for any remaining issues.


The 3-series sessions comprise:

Session 1: Pelvic Girdle and Legs:Anatomy-trains-qualification

  • Postural assessment and pre-session (“before”) photos (optional)
  • The feet and their alignments between feet to ankles and knees to thighs
  • Structures supporting the torso and abdominals
  • Neck work and seated bench work.


Session 2:Thorax and Arms

  • Postural and breathing assessment and feedback from initial treatment
  • The ribcage, breathing organs and the diaphragm
  • Abdominals, upper back, head, neck, shoulders and arms
  • Seated bench work


Session 3 – Head and Spine

  • Postural assessment and seated bench work
  • Spinal bends and rotations
  • Abdominal and deep core work
  • Tying up loose ends from previous sessions
  •  “After” photos for personal comparison (optional).