An amazing breakthrough session of life coaching in Hinckley, Leicestershire

What is The Coaching Conversation?

The Coaching Conversation is a transformational intensive breakthrough life coaching experience.  Three and a half hours of one-to-one coaching* during which you will discover direction, determine your true goals and plan how to achieve exactly what you want in life.  

(this can be a single half-day work, or taken as a two-part workshop according to preference and availability)


Are you ready for The Coaching Conversation?

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The Coaching Conversation is for people who want to change their life for the better.  It's for those who know that they want to achieve more in life but are unsure of what they do want and of why they haven't achieved what they have previously wanted. 

The Coaching Conversation is for people who are ready and willing to bring about real change in their life and who are determined to discover the right way for them to achieve their own definition of success.



This short video gives you an overview of The Coaching Conversation:

During The Coaching Conversation you will:


  • your current situation - and how it impacts on your motivation
  • your values - and how they are crucial to setting your goals
  • your challenges - and how to overcome them
  • your ambitions - and what success really looks like.



  • your strengths - and how to make the most of them
  • your weaknesses -and how to turn them to your advantage
  • your motivators - and what will increase your determination to succeed
  • your beliefs - identifying which ones empower you and which are holding you back.



  • any limiting beliefs
  • any critical and undermining self-talk
  • your assumptions
  • any unhelpful thinking patterns



  • new habits
  • positive thinking patterns
  • improved confidence
  • genuine self-belief
  • practical methods for progress that are suited to you 



  • your overall goal - and what success looks like to you
  • a timescale for when you will achieve your success
  • the milestones along the way
  • your rewards for progress and for success.



  • your next steps - the beginning of your new future!


What will I leave The Coaching Conversation with?

You will leave The Coaching Conversation with a much clearer vision of your future and the success that awaits you there.  You will have  greater understanding of yourself and the reasons behind previous procrastinations and failures.   You will leave with a plan for the steps you need to take to get moving and the motivation and belief to start.

Following the session you will receive a summary of your goals and a copy any other documents produced or used as part of the session.  There is also a programme of six fortnightly support emails in the following your session.


Availability and booking

The Coaching Conversation sessions are restricted to a limited number each month. The is often a waiting time of at least 3 weeks and booking is essential.  During this time you will receive some preliminary material to prepare you for the session itself.

So - are you ready to have The Coaching Conversation?  Contact Ann to book or for more information.

The Coaching Conversation is an amazing investment in yourself and your future. It will change the way that you think and increase your self-belief. The cost of The Coaching Conversation is just £329, including pre- and post- session support materials.