Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress can have a major, negative impact on your health, resulting in physical and mental health problems. In time this can have a damaging effect on your job or business, your relationships This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and your financial situation.  Stress management is an essential part of remaining healthy and able to enjoy life.

When stress is managed well, it enables you to become more productive, creative and relaxed. Stress management is not about avoiding challenges and responsibilities – it’s about being able to take them on and tackle them calmly and effectively and be able to relax and have fun too!

Using techniques from hypnotherapy and coaching, Ann can enable you to release the negative effects of stress you are already suffering and teach you techniques that you can use every day to enable you to cope with life's stressors and deal effectively with them.  This way you will reduce - even remove - the negative impact of stress as you become more resilient to it.   


Overwhelmed by stress?

insomniaMaybe you feel overwhelmed and not sure where the real stress is coming from in your life?  Maybe it feels like it comes from everywhere, and you want to be able to regain a feeling of control in your life. Our stress management approach will identify the real causes of stress in your life and enable you to address them effectively and to become more resilient.

Watch a short video explaining why anxiety and stress can cause the common symptoms of a pounding heart, racing pulse, light-headedness, tingling lips, forgetfulness, indigestion and poor appetite.


Importance of stress management

good-nights-sleepLearning effective stress management techniques to suit you and your lifestyle can make sure you don't suffer the negative effects of stress and are able to take on new challenges and make the most of new opportunities without your stress response getting in the way of your success and your well-being.  Hypnotherapy and coaching are excellent methods for learning how to manage stress and its symptoms healthily.  Hypnotherapy for anxiety is a natural and gentle way to feel calmer and back in control, and carries no side effects (other than better sleep!).


Stress management can be done through Skype.  Please contact us to arrange.