Life in the Driving Seat: taking your road trip to happiness by Ann Finnemore

life-in-the-driving-seat-by-ann-finnemoreLife in the Driving Seat: taking your road trip to happiness is Ann Finnemore's new book.  It is a self coaching guide to help you achieve the future you want.  Whether you have dreams of a different life, or have ambitious business or career plans, this book will help you achieve them.

In this book, Ann combines her experience of successful planning and achievement with her skills as a coach and behaviour change expert.  She presents this in a friendly and accessible way using the metaphor of a road trip.

The book leads you from the first step of taking responsibility and ownership of your life, through learning how to avoid being diverted or blocked, all the way to successful arrival at your destination - the future you want.  The journey you will take will be one of self-discovery as well as of successful achievement.

Within the book, along with the information and guidance you need, there are practical activities.  These activities are the actual stages of your journey, so by completing them you are moving towards your goals and dreams.


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 What people are saying about Life in the Driving Seat

the-route"Life in the Driving Seat is a perfect metaphor for the journey of life and Ann Finnemore has captured its essence perfectly. I love the glance in the rear view mirror summaries at the end of each chapter and her attention to the details of linking each aspect of driving a car with the journey of life. Every book is in itself a journey only this book makes you stop and think about the whole journey.” - Curly Martin, International Bestselling Author of The Coaching Handbook Series & Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years.

While most other self-help books leave you stuck in first gear, Ann’s book offers a truly interactive and practical way to implement life and business change. Straight to the point, with an easy flowing style, I found this more enlightening than a panorama sunroof. Highly recommended.” C Cooper-Hayes, business owner.

“This book is a 'must read' for those wishing to change their direction in life.  A superb, in depth, but simple guide to self-maintenance.  I personally highly recommend this superb offering from Ann Finnemore"   Dan Elliott, Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis, Queensland, Australia.


Buy your paperback copy now for £9.99 (plus £2.80 for P&P)life-in-the-driving-seat-cover 


From Amazon customers:

"This book gives good guidance on taking your life forward, using analogies related to driving a car. This makes it much easier to understand the points Ann is making and allows you to easily relate them to your own life. It also avoids any use of psycho-babble, which really shows that the author is trying to help you and not show everyone what a clever person she is (she is a clever person, but does not keep telling the reader like some writers of some books). Not only a good read, but it has some excellent tools to help you move your life and ambitions forward."


"Ann writes in a way that everyone can understand and she is clearly knowledgeable about her subject. The easy way that Ann writes means that she clearly explains processes, to help her readers work out for themselves how best to improve their work and life balance. Really made me think and I found very useful and will be reading and referring to again."


"This book is well crafted and full of practical advice and exercises. I enjoyed working my way through it and changing the way I think and do things!"


So, get ready to get into the driving seat of your life - and start the journey of a lifetime!


Buy your paperback copy now for £9.99 (plus £2.80 for P&P)life-in-the-driving-seat-cover