Life In the Driving Seat: taking your road trip to happiness


arriving-at-destinationWelcome to the resources page for Life in the Driving Seat: taking your road trip to happiness.   In every chapter of the book there are activities for the reader to do to which will take them along on their journey to success and happiness.  Some of those activities involve the use of tables and diagrams - and downloads of examples to use are available below.  The instructions for when and how to use them are in the relevant chapters of the book.

I do hope you enjoy the journey you are about to take - how exciting to know that you're finally going to be taking the right route to the future you've always wanted!  The book will take you through each step of the way, helping you stay on course no matter what ups and downs you encounter along the way.


Here are the resource downloads:free-mp3

Chapter one:

1. Wheel of Life - personal

2. Wheel of Life - business


Chapter two:

1. Identifying what you do want


Chapter three:

1. Setting goals

2. Alternative routes


Chapter 6:

1. Influences


Chapter 7:

1. Skills